Bluenose Water Cleaners

Serving the Eastern Shore and Mainland Nova Scotia since 1995.

Bluenose Water cleaners has always operated here in Nova Scotia, and we’re experts when it comes to local. Be it your residential, or commercial needs, we’re happy to assess the job and recommend the best solution available. We offer water testing and certified treatment results.

We will try to get back to you within the same day!

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Our Services

In-home Service Calls

Let us come to you. One of our expert technicians will visit your home, and personally diagnose and resolve your water needs. Equipped with the knowledge and tools to get the job done.

From Home to Business

We do work for both residential, and commercial water applications. If it involves water purification and treatment you know it’s our speciality.

The Most Experience

From the Reverse Osmosis water system under your kitchen sink, to the Water Softener & Conditioner that supplys your whole house. We’ve seen it all. We know the in’s-and-out’s of these machines and never fail to find the best solution.

A Reverse Osmosis system located under a sink.

About us

We are a family owned and operated business serving the Eastern Shore and Mainland Nova Scotia since 1995.

Well water treatment has always been our speciality.


Due to the ongoing pandemic our hours have been effected, however we’re working daily to ensure the best quality of cleanliness and professionalism.



Telephone: (902) 499-0777